Teaching Philosophy

My Emerging Teaching Philosophy

I believe each individual child is different and have their own pace of growth and development. I think it is important to acknowledge that children are all unique individuals and that children are active learners ā€“ capable, curious and interested in life and the world around them. We should provide guidance and meaningful learning opportunities that emerge from the interests, curiosities and developing skill levels. Teachers and students should work together collaboratively to plan a program that emerges from their interests, ideas, curiosities, and observations. This could be implemented by having teachers create opportunities for children to ask questions and allow them to explore the world around them. By providing opportunities and an environment for children to feel comfortable to be curious and ask questions, they are able to gain knowledge, challenge their thoughts, and enhance the development of their social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional skills.

I also believe that a teacher is knowledgeable and is often the one teaching but also at the same time, teachers are learners. They are active learners which means they are continuously gaining knowledge from their students, their colleagues, their community, and most importantly, through experiencing or challenging what might be considered uncomfortable. I think it is important for us to work in collaboration with our students, parents, and the larger community so they can strengthen their relationship as a whole and build a trusting bond together.

Lastly, I believe that teachers are the models for future generations and they are the one’s who influences students and help guide their development. Students absorb everything the teacher displays whether it be verbal, gestural or in action so I think it’s important to teach and provide an environment that is fair and just for everyone. I think it is crucial for us as future teachers to develop a better understanding of the discourses that operate in our society and the effects of institutionalized oppression that is silenced. It is necessary to fight back, address these issues, and create change. We should all have the common goal to make the norm visible, identify ways to interrupt, and break the silence of sustained oppression in schools through anti-oppressive education.