ESCI Digital Reflection

Here is a link to my Digital Video.

Throughout the semester in my Environmental Science class, I learned about what the environment means is along with building an eco-identity, reflecting on my experience with nature, becoming aware of the environmental issues currently present in our world, and the importance of bringing change through connecting and building a relationship with our environment.

I think it is important that we take care of the environment in which we live in. We need to learn about ways of caring for, respecting, sustaining, and living well in our world. As future teachers, we need to realize that “all education is environmental education” (Orr, 2004). As Orr (2004) describes, “by what is included or excluded, students are taught they are part of or apart from the natural world.” We should be mindful of what we are incorporating into our curriculum and what we are leaving out because everything we teach can be and is linked to our environment. We need to teach ourselves and our students to create a loving bond with nature, to look beyond what they see in the world and really connect with the environment through creating experiences and meaning by interrupting the norm of teaching through disciplines. Instead, we should try to weave it all together and challenge the dominant discourses currently in place.

It is not enough for us to become aware of the environment and the harmful effects that we are doing, but we also need to educate others, especially future generations. We as teachers can bring change to our environment through teaching students to understand, build relationships, connect with the environment and maintain positive interactions.


Orr, David (2004), What is Education for? In Earth in Mind, pp. 7-15. Washington DC: First Island Press.