Another Important Base

Previously, I learned the Waterbomb fold which was the base for many other origami models like the Waterbomb and the Lily. I wanted to expand my knowledge and ability to fold other models so I decided to continue on with learning other origami bases. The next more popular and widely used base in origami is the Preliminary Base.

According to the Origami Resource Center, The preliminary and waterbomb bases are the bread-and-butter of the origami world. There are many origami models which start with these two bases. In fact, the two bases are inter-convertible: if you invert the preliminary, it will become a waterbomb base. The opposite is also true, a waterbomb base can be inverted to form the preliminary.

Instead of using the Stephen O’Halon’s Origami Page like I have for the last couple of time because of it’s easy to follow step by step illustrations, I wanted to branch out and explore different websites for learning origami. I came across the Origami Resource Center website which was well organized with easy to read tabs for different origami models, step by step illustrations, and simple easy to understand instructions.

This Preliminary Base was not too hard but I did find some difficulty in making this base. Although there were written instructions and illustrations, I found it a little difficult follow because they were posted below the pictures. As a visual learner, I needed to see the picture so I can fully understand how to make the fold. I found myself scrolling up and down the page comparing the written instructions with the illustrations to make sure I was doing the correct fold.

After completing the Preliminary Base, I wanted to try to fold the infamous Paper Crane, one of the most widely recognized models in the origami world. Sounds like an impossible task as a beginner but with the numerous types of instructions found on the site, I was able to complete the origami model. The site provided traditional diagrams that had written instruction alongside illustrations, step by step photo illustrations with instructions, and a video demonstrating the steps in folding the paper crane. All of these resources were useful in helping me figure out and understand the steps in completing the model.




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