The Waterbomb Base Fold

After practicing to the mountain and valley folds a few more times, I decided to move onto something a little more advanced.

According to Stephen O’Halon’s Origami Page, there are several ‘bases’ commonly used in origami. These are a series of steps that lead up to an intermediate model. Many different models can then be formed from this base. The most commonly used bases were named by Samuel Randlett and Robert Harbin and these are; the Waterbomb base, the Preliminary base, the Fish base, the Bird base and the Frog base.

First off, I wanted to try the Waterbomb base as it was a starting point for many origami models. I looked at two different sites which taught beginners how to fold this origami base. Both of these sites had easy to follow instructions with step by step pictures/illustrations or videos.

I started by looking at the illustration of the Waterbomb from the Stephen O’Halon’s Origami Page as it was a familiar source. There were many different arrows and letters on the instruction page which I thought would have been difficult to understand but it was pretty easy to follow. I liked that it provided me with simple steps and labels that were easy to understand.


The second source I looked at for learning the Waterbomb base was Origami-Instructions. This site provided photo illustrations of each step that had dotted lines to indicate where to fold along with written instructions. I liked that this site a little bit better as it had multiple photos illustrating the step which provided a clearer understanding of how each step should be done. Along with photo illustrations, there was also a short video demonstrating the procedures for completing the Waterbomb base.

With learning the Waterbomb base which was a starting point for many of the origami models, I tried to make the Waterbomb using the instructions from the Stephen O’Halon’s Origami Page.

Feeling quite successful, I carried on to trying to make a Lily using the photo illustrations and video from the Origami-Instructions page. This was a tough model to fold compared to the waterbomb or anything else I’ve folded earlier. I started off with following the photo illustrations but I got a little confused with some of the steps so I watched the video which made it a lot easier. Although folding the Lily was difficult, it’s not going to discourage me to try new origami models.


The next origami base I would like to learn how to fold and eventually master is the preliminary base.

Until next time!


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