It wasn’t so bad

I participated in my first #Saskedchat on Twitter a few days ago and it wasn’t as horrifying as I thought it would be. I have to admit I was feeling really nervous and worried about being able to keep up with answering the questions along with reading and responding to other people’s tweets. Although I was nervous, the online chat community on Twitter made we feel very welcomed and safe to voice my thoughts and opinions.

The topic of discussion was “Supporting New Teachers” which was a very relevant topic for us to engage in since most of us will be starting our teaching careers in the next couple of years. I was looking forward to be able to discuss this topic with fellow colleagues in the teaching profession to gain a better understanding and new insight for supporting new teachers. The conversation was quick and a little hard to catch up on as everyone was sending in their tweets. Although it was quick, I did manage to keep up with answering the questions as I had prepared them ahead of time. I was also able to read and reply to a few tweets which helped me further engage in the conversation.

It was definitely a good experience to be able to participate in such events online as it can help teachers connect with each other and express their thoughts and concerns on certain matters. We are also able to expand our knowledge and take on new ways of viewing things as we engage in reading other people’s thoughts and suggestions. Along with being able converse with others and gain a better understanding on the topic, we had the opportunity to expand our Personal Learning Network and reach out to other teachers in our community.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 at 1.16.16 AM

Participating in the #Saskedchat was overwhelming at first but I think I will definitely try to participate in another one!


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