My Online Identity

Let’s see what I can find about myself in the online world…

Before I searched myself on the internet, I somewhat had an idea as to what I might find.
As I Google searched my name, the results were not surprising to me. What I was surprised about is how easy it was to search myself (although not too surprised because I do have a pretty unique name). In the list of results were my social media accounts like Picasa Photos, Instagram, Twitter, blogs from my education program and online presentations/videos I’ve made. Along with a few mentions of my name on other sites like Facebook and groups that I volunteered with.

These accounts have some information about me but nothing too personal as I am cautious about what information I put online. As a future teacher, I am aware that my online identity can potentially play an important role in how others (employers, parents, students, etc.) view who I am. With having an e-portfolio, it helps us to brand ourselves based on the skills that we want to showcase to potential employers or school administrators. In the article Five reasons why your online presence will replace your resume in 10 years, they explained that if you don’t have an online presence you won’t appear to be relevant and will be passed over for more savvy applicants that have visibility. So it is important for us as future teachers to make ourselves visible online as it is a great way to show ourselves to potential employers.


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