Let’s Start!

I’m currently going into my third year of the education program at the U of R and cannot wait to start my pre-internship. But before I start, I want to learn a bit more about the use of technology and incorporating technology into the classroom. During my field experience in my first year of the program, I that noticed the large amount of technology teachers and students use in the classroom which surprised me. I observed grade 6 students working on assignments on their own laptops and easily navigating through browsers and apps. I was amazed at how efficient they were at using technology to accomplish different tasks. I also noticed that many teachers use online blogs to notify parents of their day, of projects the students are working on, announcements, upcoming events, and such.

We are in the age where the use of technology is increasing. I, as a future teacher will have to learn to adapt my lessons and learn new ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. Before this can all happen, I will need to learn and be comfortable with using technology and navigating different apps and online resources.
To start, I have created a Twitter account. I hope to connect with other people/educators and expand my PLN.



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