Creative Journal # 4

Development of my Eco-Identity:


This picture represents the development of my eco-identity through multiple journeys I’ve experienced since as early as I can remember. My eco-identity has shaped who I am and is continuously changing through different encounters I have with the the world each day. Memories and stories have formed with each experience which helped me make meaning with the environment and with the world we live me.

I remember the countless amount of time we spent outside in the backyard during my childhood. My siblings and I would run through the grass in our bare feet, climb up the cherry tree to collect fruit, watch the tiny black ants crawl on the grey cement, and roam around the “scary” cobwebbed rose bush, which we later made into our secret garden. My backyard was a place of exploration and I felt free to interact with the environment which allowed me to develop my sense of eco-identity.

Along with the stories I created from exploring in my backyard, I remember all the camping trips we took as a family. These memories included the countless hours we spent on the highway as we drove to the provincial campgrounds, the different pathways we took across the mossy wet forest grounds to look for firewood, and the cold crisp air on a clear night as we gazed up into the sky. My siblings and I were always curious and wanted to explore which helped us gain a better understanding of our environment.

Through these different experiences and encounters, I was able to make a connection with the environment which will help foster “a deep respect for living nature and long lasting relationships with the world” (Capra, 2007, p.18).

Capra, F. (2007). Sustainable Living, Ecological Literacy, & the Breath of LifeCanadian Journal of Environmental Education, 12(1), 9-19.


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