Eco-Literacy Letter

Ecoliteracy Love Letter


Dear Nicole and Jess,

First off, I want to say thank you! Thank you for letting me come on all your adventures and explorations. From walking to the park behind 婆婆 (grandma’s) house, to walking down the wobbly dock to the lake at the cabin, or skipping down the sidewalk of the busy street. Both of you have shown me so much more about the environment than I have ever experienced before on my own.

You have taught me to wait in stillness as we sit on the side of the dock with our feet dipped in the lake, listening to the crickets chirp on the grass, watching the ripples in the water as the fish poke its head up, and feeling the coolness of the wind against my face. Both of you have also helped me to become more aware of everything that is in our pathway. I remember the time we slowly walked across the squeaky suspension bridge as we stepped across the wooden planks and the cool touch of the wire when we grasped it for balance, along with the sound of the rushing river below us.

You have taught me to wonder about the nature and the environment, interact with the world around us and make connections and relationships with living and non-living things. Thank you for helping me better connect with our environment and for helping me understand that there is more than just what we see. Rather, it is the sounds we hear, the touch we feels, the scents we smell and the connections and interactions we make with the world around us.



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