Creative Journal # 1


My first journal entry was based on a question we were asked at the beginning of the class, “What does environment mean to us?”. In my journal I used different tools, as Hammond suggested in his article The Creative Journal, to represent what I thought the environment means to me. I tried to be creative and incorporated some items I found outside onto the page along with a few drawings and words. For me, the environment is everything around us. It can be the classroom that we are in, the people we are with, and the environment outside which includes all the natural, living things (animals, insects, trees, plants, crop, etc.) and nonliving things such as buildings and bridges.

We can think of the environment as all the natural and artificial things that are in our everyday lives. I think it is important that we take care of the environment in which we live in. We need to learn about ways of caring for, respecting, sustaining, and living well in our world. As future teachers, we need to realize that “all education is environmental education” (Orr, 2004). As Orr (2004) describes, “by what is included or excluded, students are taught they are part of or apart from the natural world.” We should be mindful of what we are incorporating into our curriculum and what we are leaving out because everything we teach can be and is linked to our environment. We need to be able to engage them in their natural world and let them be aware that our environment and the way we connect with our environment is important.

Orr, David (2004), What is Education for? In Earth in Mind, pp. 7-15. Washington DC: First Island Press.


2 thoughts on “Creative Journal # 1

  1. I love that you included elements from the outdoors into your creative journal I believe that it has a strong impact on creating a welcoming appearance! I understand your point about needing to learn about ways for caring, respecting, sustaining, and living well in our world and I believe that education never really stops and we should always be learning and challenging ourselves to be better. I have been pushing myself to make small changes in the things that I do- like always recycling and turning off the lights whenever possible. What are some ways that you have tried to help to make a change and to care for the environment?


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